Snoring during pregnancy can be bad for your baby’s health

Snoring during pregnancy can be bad for your baby's health


Snoring can disrupt your sleep. But a new study by the University of Michigan has found that snoring during pregnancy can be bad for your baby’s health.

The researchers involved 1,673 pregnant women during the first trimester of their pregnancy. As many as 35 percents of these women have a habit of snoring.

The medical records of these women were reviewed. It was found that women who snore for more than three nights a week have a higher risk of poor delivery, including part C birth and smaller babies.

Many women start snoring during pregnancy because of being overweight, hormonal imbalances and fluid retention. But chronic snoring mothers are two-thirds more likely to have babies born under a tenth of a heavy percentile and twice as much need a part C as compared to women who don’t snore.

Meanwhile, in women who are not pregnant, snoring can cause inflammation that can damage the cardiovascular system. Although there is not much evidence, snoring causes inflammation that changes blood vessels to the placenta which causes less blood flow and nutrients to reach the baby, resulting in less growth.

There is nothing to fear if you are a snorer and pregnant now. But rather pay attention to the factors that lead to a healthy pregnancy. Eating healthy and exercising regularly are the most important things.

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