Fun Water Sporting Activities in Florida and Where to Enjoy Them

Fun Water Sporting Activities in Florida and Where to Enjoy Them

Florida naturally surrounds its visitors with water. Via pools, the sea, and more making water activities Florida’s specialty. The sunshine state has much to offer in the ways of water and diverse activities within the water. Jet skis, water skiing, swimming, surfing, and other water activities are offered in a great many places across the state. This article will lay out some of the best activities to do while in Florida and where to find them.

Riveria Beach – Rapids Water Park

Florida has a great number of water parks available and comes in many different sizes. Rapids Water Park, located close to the city of West Palm Beach, is considered one of the very best water park experiences available. With over 35 water slides ranging in size and speed, there will be a great experience available to all. Some slides have up to a 45-degree drop, while other slides will take the rider on a slower experience that is to be enjoyed.

Siesta Key – Parasailing

For the slightly more adventurous and those who do not have a fear of heights, parasailing is a great option. After being hoisted up into the air behind a boat, the rider can take in the great views of the Florida coastline. White sandy beaches, the sun bouncing off the water can be experienced at leisure during the ride.

Ichetucknee Springs State Park – Tubing

One of the best tubing experiences in Florida is located at Ichetucknee Springs State Park in Fort White. Crystal clear water at a refreshing 72 degrees makes this the perfect spot to cool off and enjoy a tubing adventure. The tubing experience can last up to three full hours and cover over six miles. The wetlands are a great experience when taken in riding on a tube.

Ginnie Springs – Water & Cave Diving

Ginnie Springs is one of the most crystal-clear springs Florida has to offer. Truly one of Florida’s ultimate areas to play and have fun. There are seven natural springs with hidden underwater treasures for guests to explore. Massive grottos, 30,000 feet of passages will challenge divers, and these areas have an immense amount of diverse and colored marine life.

The number of options, in Florida, to have fun in the water can’t be understated. Gliding above the water, riding on top, sliding down slides, and even diving within the water are all water experiences that are to be had. Whatever the experience desired, Florida can offer it. Keep that in mind when you are looking at Lakeland Florida real estate.

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