Buying Golf Clothes: 4 Tips for Gearing Up on the Green

Golf Clothes

Unlike other sports, golf doesn’t challenge the player to sprint or leap, so it’s more versatile and allows you to be more fashionable. However, you shouldn’t ignore convenience, design, fit, and practicality when choosing golf apparel.

You may think that buying golf apparel is more of personal taste than need, but there are important components that will make your time on the green more fun.

The Importance of Appropriate Golf Clothing

Every golf player knows the value of comfortable golf apparel. Sure, you wouldn’t blame your shirt for a lousy game, but you can’t deny that the more comfortable you are, the better you play on the golf course.

Nobody wants to be too cold or too hot, restricted from moving, or struggle with sticky leaves. This is why, when choosing golf apparel, every player strives to look for what can give them maximum comfort.

Must-Have Golf Clothing

Style and comfort go together when buying golf apparel. Here’s a list of apparel that you shouldn’t go without when playing on the golf course.

  • Shirt – For dress code, often, you’ll be asked to have a collared shirt. Choose breathable, loose (not baggy) ones or anything that has a collar and is clean to look at.
  • Bottom – You can wear shorts but only on warm days, and they should fall just above your kneecaps. Trousers or slacks are also great to have during winter or when you just don’t feel like showing your calves.
  • Shoes – The game of golf involves a lot of standing and walking, and the right shoes will help you get through it. The main function of a golf shoe is to provide grip through steel or rubber spikes. A good golf shoe lets you interchange softer studs for dry, hard conditions and firmer studs for wet or muddy courses.
  • Socks – The best golf socks make you feel like you aren’t wearing any, and the wrong ones will make your feet uncomfortable and sticky. Ankle socks are made of breathable cotton should work fine. But if you need more warmth, choose thicker socks for additional padding.
  • Gloves – A long day of playing golf needs gloves that’ll give you a tighter grip on the club. A glove should be attached to your palm, but not too close that it blocks circulation. The best ones are those made of soft, thin, and sturdy leather that serves as your hand’s second skin.
  • Belt – Most golf courses require a belt. Adding a belt to your shorts or trousers with belt loops gives you a smoother and more pulled-together appearance.


Brands like Adidas, J.Lindeberg, Puma, Under Armour, and Nike offer plenty of deals and discounts for different golf clothing. Visit this link if you’re looking for where to buy J. Lindeberg online in Canada. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try doing a quick Google search for other golf products.

How To Gear Up on the Course

There are plenty of golf products on the market and different brands to choose from. Before you purchase, consider your need and how they can affect your performance.

To make sure you’re making the right decisions, here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

Emphasize Weather Protection

Shop for golf apparel that suits different weather conditions. If you plan to go golfing on rainy days, make sure you have waterproof clothes ready. But if you’re playing during the hot season, you’ll need UV protection.

Even when covered by clothes, the sun can penetrate your skin. That’s why if you want to enjoy your game, find apparel with UV protection. Also, to feel comfortable while golfing, your body has to be dry both in heat and humidity. It’s wise to choose clothing with moisture management properties.

Maintain Comfort

It’s crucial that when playing any sport, you wear breathable clothes. Don’t prioritize brand over comfort. Your time on the course should be enjoyable and refreshing for maximum performance.

Think about it, if you’re distracted by your tight slacks, you’ll be struggling all day. When you search for the best apparel, consider buying those made from comfortable materials such as lycra, mercerized cotton, nylon, polyester, and spandex, or a blend of these fabrics.

Put It on Before Buying

Shopping for golf clothing online is indeed convenient, however, you’re not sure if you have the right size or cut especially if you’re not familiar with the brand. You don’t need to shop in the store, but at least, visit some to try on different clothes. Then, you can buy the one that fits you best online when you reached home to take advantage of other great deals.

When you shop, don’t just get the first thing you’re trying on, go for varieties and try to compare it with other products. You may end up sticking to your first preference, but at least you’re able to see what a bad match, cut, and size looks like.

Always Check Reviews

There are particular brands that are more reliable. But even if a single brand offers good prices, it’s highly unlikely that it can supply your entire golfing wardrobe.

Rather than buying golf apparel from one brand, look for men’s or women’s golf wear with good reviews or feedback, especially if you’re buying online and can’t personally try on the goods first.

Invest in Quality Apparel

Wearing the right golf clothing isn’t just about looking good. Always consider the best clothes, accessories, or equipment that can make you feel most relaxed and give maximum performance on the course.

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