Top 10 Tips To Style Maxi Dresses: By Fashion Experts

Maxi Dresses

They are no more your regular run-on-the-mill long dresses! Maxi dresses come in all shapes and sizes and most importantly suits all body types!

Whether it is that casual maxi dresses you see Kendal Jenner posing for the paparazzi or the glamorous V-necked black slit one which made Nina Dobrev look like an absolute goddess, you can’t deny that maxi dresses are the new black right now.

In this article, I will elaborate on the ultimate voguish tips to style your maxi dresses recommended by fashion experts themselves.

How To Make Your Maxi Dresses A Fashion Statement!

Maxi dresses are long dresses that have a fairly tight bodice and a flowy design from the waist down. The lower hem reaches up to your ankle or sometimes even lower.

Contrary to many complaints about maxi dresses, the best part about this outfit is that the bodice can always be designed into several varieties.

There are no limitations from the neckline to the back and the sleeves.

1. The Jacket Ensemble 

Stylists have received several complaints about Maxi dresses being bland; it could just be the color. Hence, next time you can opt for prints, but we have a solution if you wonder what to do with the neutral one in your closet.

Throw a jacket on top of it to give it that pop of color. There are no limits to the kind of jackets from which you can choose. I am talking about denim, leather, prints, even neon if it suits you.

2. Boots To Elevate 

Are you having trouble while constantly tackling the fall of your maxi dress, and you don’t want to wear those painful pencil sharp heels? Then you can opt for your favorite comfy pair of black boots.

I know boots are not exactly known for complimenting such a feminine ensemble like a maxi dress but trust me, they look good! Not only will they give you an elevation to handle the problem of you tripping on the long fall, but they will also attire you in the perfect bold feminine look.

3. Accessorize 

Dresses don’t always have to be styled internally; sometimes, accessories are the key. It is almost magical how certain accessories can change the entire look. For example, You want your maxi dress to look cottage core; wear an oversized nude color hat. Or, do you want to get more of that bohemian look, then pair the dress with that printed neck bandana.

With accessories, the possibilities are endless!

4. Sundresses Even After Sun Down 

To proudly quote Barney Stinson, ‘It is never too late for sundresses.’

To be honest, this comment does not just comply with the seasons but also the time of the day. Who said you could only wear sundresses while the sun is up?

Sundresses mostly come in patterns and if you can rock them at a night out, you will definitely stand out from the regular bodycon and general LBDs.

Sundresses have made a comeback with new styles and patterns. So, there isn’t much style that is required after slipping into one. Match them with your strappy high heels and you are ready to paint the town red!

5. A Touch Of Fall 

This is the best part about maxi dresses; they can be worn in any season. So, is it getting chilly outside, or do you just want that fall vibe while styling your maxi dress? Try wearing a turtle-neck cardigan underneath your maxi dresses to welcome an early Autumn.

Always choose a neutral color for your cardigan, or else they will clash, and a sleeveless maxi dress would go best with it.

6. Modern Corsets 

I know this can be a little controversial, but I am not talking about the one that squeezes your organs. So let’s keep them in 1800, shall we!

I am talking about thick belts with a corset design. Yes, we have mentioned accessories before, but these need a special mention for the magic they create. You can pair these with the most casual maxi dress, and you will look runway-ready within an instant.

See, so simple!

7. Blazer and Belt 

The previous ones have all been about casual looks, but if you are looking for that formal Vogue appearance, this might be the choice for you.

If you have a solid color maxi dress, pair them with a chic formal blazer and a belt around your waist to tie the entire look together—a businesswoman who doesn’t need to comply with masculine norms.

Embrace your femininity!

8. Chic Slit 

A slit on a maxi dress can give you an extra oomph that will instantly liven your entire look. If you still don’t have them in your closet, it is absolutely necessary that you invest in one immediately.

However, if you are in dire need, there is something you can do. Although You just have to be a little bolder, the fashion DIY queens have already done it, and they look fantastic!

Take a maxi dress which you don’t wear that often, and measure the length of the slit you want. Then mark the place with chalk and carefully cut it with a scissor. Now, pin the torn portion before sewing it and pressing it properly with iron.

Et Voila! You have a dinner date outfit.

With a slit maxi dress, you can walk the street feeling like that scandalous bond villain you so admire.

9. Winter Look 

Are you dying to wear your maxi dresses even in winter? Then take them out because we have an idea.

First, you need to take a sweater vest and wear it before hanging an oversized coat around your shoulder blades. This will not only make you winter-ready but photoshoot-ready.

Again, make sure that your colors don’t clash. Try to keep the colors for the winter woolens neutral, and you can also throw in a scarf there if the cold still doesn’t suffice.

10. Tie A Knot 

Another style that is gaining popularity in the DIY world. This is the ultimate solution to all who are not into that flowy nature of a maxi dress, and yet you own one. Gather a part of the fabric and tie a sleek knot at the end corner.

This will not only make you look put together, but you can also say goodbye to all your common maxi dress issues.

Convenience To Fashion 

Maxi dress is an outfit that can be worn to any occasion, from a wedding to a brunch to a night out. The opportunities are endless.

Therefore, rather than putting them away, thinking they are not a fashion statement, make something chic out of them. Use all the power of your fashionista brain, and who knows, maybe you could be the next trendsetter.

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