Home Organization: How to Declutter Your Home

How to Declutter Your Home

The seasons are changing and you know what that means: it’s time for your seasonal decluttering session.

Sure, spring cleaning gets all of the attention, but winter cleaning is no less important. Do you plan on having friends and family members over for holiday gatherings? Do you want to make room for all of your decorations and the new things that you’re going to get this winter?

You need to declutter, and we want to help. Keep reading to learn all about how to declutter your home in a flash.

Use The Box Method

The easiest and quickest way to declutter is by using several boxes.

You’re going to need boxes for several categories. The basic ones that work for most situations are:

  • Wrong room
  • Keep
  • Throw-away
  • Donate
  • Repair or re-use

The “keep,” “donate,” and “throw-away” boxes are self-explanatory. Pick up each item and determine whether or not it’s something that brings you joy, that you need, or that you use frequently.

If so, it goes into the “keep” box. If not, determine whether or not it’s in good enough condition to donate or give to a friend, or if it needs to be thrown away. If it’s a clothing item or something else that you can break down to re-use (or repair), put it in the appropriate box.

The “wrong room” box will help you avoid getting distracted.

One Area At a Time

When you declutter, unlike when you clean, you should go one area at a time. It’s best to start with small spaces, like a single shelf or closet, but you can also go room-by-room.

By using the “wrong room” box, you’ll be able to continue decluttering without having to stop your workflow to move an object back to where it belongs.

When you declutter your home like this, it’s easier to see when you’ve actually made a change.

Use More Home Storage Options

Clutter happens when you don’t have space to store your things. Sometimes this is because you’re keeping too many things, but other times it’s because you have inadequate storage.

Controlling clutter is all about making sure that everything has a place. By creating more storage, you’re creating more “places” for your things.

To increase floor space, use things like hanging shelves or wall hooks to store your objects. Consider using things like drawer or cabinet organizers to make sure that there’s room for everything that you need.

It’s helpful to use labels if you’re not used to staying organized. You’ll get the hang of it, but you need to make an active effort to return everything to its proper place.

That’s How to Declutter Your Home

Figuring out how to declutter your home in a way that suits you can take some effort, but once you get rid of all of that excess stuff, you’ll feel so relieved. Declutter your home before the holiday season is underway!

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