How to Choose Your Right Throw Blanket

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Are you looking for some throw blankets online and do you know how to choose the right one? Throw blankets make your home look perfect. But before you make a decision which one to buy, you should do some research and match it with your home décor. Throw blankets can be styled up in several areas of your home, depending on what you have in the background.

Soft throws can give a rich look to your house and let your neighbours speak about the way your house has been built. Different types of throw blankets are available in the market, which you should take a look at. Mostly throw blankets are lightweight but sometimes, it comes in heavy sizes too. In the following sections, you will know how to choose the right throw blanket according to the style your house has been built.

How to match your throw blanket with your home design style?

Several factors such as colour, size, texture, location, style, and customized design style influence your selection of throw blankets. If your house is built in a specific style, then here is what you need to know.


Ikea caters to different styles of house construction, but several kinds of research say that not many houses are identical to Ikea styles. If your house is close to Ikea style, it needs superb soft throws as a point of attraction. You need not necessarily match your throw blanket with your furniture; you can choose the one that you like the most and fit into your house because any pattern or design goes well with Ikea.


Eclectic houses are built with taking the good time of yours and follow styles of ages. You can fill your house with any number of fittings, but you still find it spacious. For plain/light background, you can mix and match your throws without thinking of its appearance, as your furniture also need not be matched with the room you want to style up. Splashing bright colours makes your house a place of delight.


Most of us might be familiar with this setting because the traditional method is something we are used to, which gives a classy look. So go for matching furnishings and position them in different places of your house setup.


This is one of my favourite styles too. Farmhouse style gives a heavy feel and appearance but at the same time projects a traditional look somewhere. So you should choose bulky furniture and fittings and the same colour throws for the entire setup. Especially, be particular about furniture sizes when selecting blankets; otherwise, you will have to worry in the future.


In one way, minimalist resembles the Scandinavian style and so carries a little messy, clean line and more space as its characteristics. You can find black and white in common, and it makes you live around natural elements such as wood and plant life. You can set any pattern tone of your choice but make it uniform across concerning shape. Since flooring will be wooden, you can opt for a different fabric.

Mid-century modern:

Mid-century modern remembers the geometry of olden days. The style follows the period before and mid-after independence. Pick some structured blanket that shows tradition, and keep it plain by choosing between just two colours and not more than that.

If you have a house in any of the aforementioned styles, you can effortlessly pick throw blankets of your choice. Furthermore, let us see which blanket fits into which area of your house.

How to fit throw blankets into different areas of the house?

In this section, you can know to style up your throw blankets in various areas of your house and make it a great place.

Throw blankets in the bedroom

You can create a hotel-room like feel in your bedroom with a throw blanket. Throwing a blanket diagonally and parallel across a bed that does not has an endboard, makes it simply superb. If you expect your bedroom to impress you visually, then you should make contrasting the key. If it has mixed designs, then you can impose it with bold colour, and if it is patterned, you can try out a mix and match furnishings. Finally, it is all about how your bed appears so that you can decorate it with sensible throw blankets.

Throw blankets in the living room

Choosing throw blankets for your living room can be a tricky job, but it is the place where you can feel happy about styling. You have window curtains, rug, furniture, and more in the living room, which need not match in terms of colour, shape, and size. See how your wall paint and flooring are made and accordingly choose the right combination of colours that fit in.

If you have perfectly styled your blanket and have not overstuffed the sitting space with pillows and blankets, your guests may not feel great and move to the edge. So make it placed diagonally so that they feel more invited. Also, if you have a couch and two sitting chairs, do not cover both with blankets. Keep the throw on the couch and one chair and the pillow on the other chair.

Similarly, you can make other areas of your house such as outdoors, window seats, and other corners and dining areas more special with choosing unique throw blankets of your choice.


To wrap up, to make your throw blankets perfect for your house, you can take risks of trying out new things and no harm in it. You can select something that you love and highlight priority areas of your house. You can find several opinions on the Internet; Google it and see some sample styles as well. Your neighbours interact more with you based on how you have styled your house rather than how you have built it. There are no specific rules for setting up your throw blankets, and you can be your creative person.

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