Perfect Guide to Choose Your Bags According to Occasions

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In our wardrobe we all have a utility and fashionable accessory; that is our handbags. Ladies go crazy to buy stylish handbags. But when it comes to matching them with occasions we fall short to pick up the proper one from the stock. Ladies’ bags and purses are the most reliable ones for us in which we can carry all our necessary things daily. They also protect our valuable things from damage and loss. Not the least a lady’s dress up for any occasion is incomplete without a perfect elegant handbag.

Therefore inevitably you need to pick up the right kind according to the events to give yourself an elegant look. Which types of bags are to carry in what occasions, here we will be detailing about that.

  1. Leather day satchel:

These bags with top handles are perfect to use for office purposes. They are available in large and medium-size. These are perfect to carry a tablet and books. Our advice is, choose leather material with dark colors such as black or brown. Dark colors will help to hide the stains of the bag if there is any.

  1. Day clutch

If you have any day party or event then these tidy pouches are ideal to carry. Just be sure that you are not going to carry anything other than your phone and lip-shade. The reason is that they are not spacious. Look wise they are very cute and light in weight. They are available with slings. As they are the lightweight you can carry them in hand also.

  1. Evening clutch

All of us feel the need for that fancy one at a particular point. If you have a simple metallic or black clutch then they are perfect to carry on evening parties irrespective of the dress.

If you don’t have these types of clutches, then hurry to have one. It will last longer and if you are carrying it with some heavy sparkling dress, you can have some jewels stuck on it. The makers don’t compromise with their looks. A good evening clutch can add something extra to your appeal.

  1. Tote handbags

Tote handbags are big and designed in a sari pattern. They are available in huge sizes ideal to carry for shopping. Tote bags, neither too simple nor too gaudy can be used for office purposes also. A neutral-colored bag is suitable for all kinds of uniforms. But if anyone wants to create their signature style then they can try bold colours also.

Tote bags are with both handles and sling. You can carry it as per the demand of the situation.

  1. Backpacks

If you are a college-goer and looking for durable yet stylish bags, then here it is, the backpacks. It is the best option for college going girls. It has enough space to carry books, laptops, or other necessary things. They have back straps so that you can hang them from shoulders. Thus your hands will remain free for other works.

Now backpacks are very much in-fashioned with a huge variety. There are bucket backpacks and messenger backpacks. If you want to carry all your staff together and still want to maintain a smart look then choose the messenger backpacks.

  1. Crossbody purse

These sleek and sturdy purses are to use for day to day purposes. They can accommodate your daily essentials easily. Your essentials remain safe, at the same time within your reach. These cross-body sling bags can create another level in the question of fashion. Like backpacks these crossbody purses also keep your hands released, thus providing an extra level of comfort to you in rush hours. You can carry them to shopping, friends gathering where ever you want. Just try to avoid them if you are in traditional attire.

  1. Iconic bag:

Designer items are not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you are going to attend a conference or seminar then pick this one up. They are very sleek and durable, yet extremely attractive. Carry them with ethnic wears and make yourself look like a stylish diva.

  1. Floral handbags:

If you are going to attend or celebrate birthdays and you have any floral motive dress then wear the dress and carry floral leather bags with it. Vibrant in design, these handbags can make others feel envious with you.

Search online for these handbags and you will get a huge variety of them.

  1. Hobo bag:

This is a curved shape bag made with fine materials. The half-moon like design under the handle makes them easy to fall as soon as you keep the bag. This bag can be used in formal as well as for casual purposes. If you are bored with repeated use of tote bags then our advice is to switch to these.

  1. Wristlets:

These bags have similarities with clutches. But they have a strap that can be used to wrap them around the waist. They are available in a variety of designs and colors, mainly to use in parties. If you are carrying this with a gorgeous outfit your looks will be stunning.

11. Envelope:

It is purely an evening pouch, without any sling and mold like an envelope. They are not at all spacious but sophisticated in looks. We can have it either in movies or on dinners.


Every woman has a special relationship with their bags. It is not only the means to carry our kinds of stuff but an inseparable part of our personality.  No woman can even imagine their fashion without a suitable handbag.

Ladies sometimes can’t feel that their makeup is incomplete without a perfect bag. Different bags with different colors, styles, and shapes are available online. You need to pick up the right one for the right purposes. Not only take care of the occasions but also try to match your bags with your apparel. Then perhaps you will be a distinct one among many.



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