How Your Body Type Shape Your Personal Style

How Your Body Type Shape Your Personal Style

From supermodel Gisele to rapper Nicki Minaj, each woman has her personal style, and different body types are celebrated in our entertainment and fashion industries like never before. The tall, long, lean, sleek body is famously sought after and seen on red carpet events. The robust derriere and rounded hips have taken over the music scene and are admired by many. Whichever figure one has, there is a style that will accent and showcase the woman’s physicality. But, allowing your body type to lead your personal style will assist in building a collection of clothes for every occasion.

Wearing loose-fitting clothing is for more than the basketball court. Late singer Aaliyah and R&B group TLC made baggy clothing simultaneously sexy and fun. Aaliyah’s favorite was leather baggies, accompanied by mid-drift leather tops. The singer made her extremely thin figure work. TLC lived in long, roomy t-shirts and bright-colored roomy jeans. But, baggy does not have to be this extreme. Fitted tops of neutral colors—gray, black, white, silver—and baggy pants or jeans make an interesting, intriguing mix for a night out with girlfriends or the club scene.

Baggy pants, fitted at the ankle, with heels and a crisp, white cotton wrap shirt, make a trendy and professional look for a workday. The beauty of baggy clothing is that it fits every body type. Heavyset or thin, the oversized style always looks the way it should.

Beyonce’, JLo, and rap lyricist, Nicki Minaj are known for their curves, often on display in a tightly fitted costume. This body type is as beautiful and can be as elegant in fitted attire as the long and lean. It all depends on the design, flow, and shape of the outfit.

Tight-fitting clothes are usually not office-friendly. It is more for the nightlife. However, pencil skirts are acceptable with a nice blazer or button-down shirt. Bodycon dresses may be worn at work with a long jacket, sweater, or blazer. Wearing tight gear stylishly means very little to no overflow— an abundance of a bulge on the sides and midsection, causing gaps between buttons or bursting seams on pants. Don’t shy away from undergarments that smooth under tight garb. It is sometimes a wardrobe’s best friend. Fitted clothes should always look like the wearer is in control and not the other way around.

No body type is superior to the other. It can be tedious building a closet that highlights the best parts of the body and conceals the unflattering. Having a deep understanding of body type will encourage the shopper to put aesthetics over wants, for desire often interrupts style. Whether you are looking for curvy clothes for the office or for a tummy tuck swimsuit, keep your body type in mind. Building an armoire can be expensive, but two free tools that are quite handy—honesty and a mirror are key for creating a killer wardrobe when shaping personal style.

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