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As we add chapters to our life story, some of them are more interesting than others. When we are young, everything seems so significant, but as we get older, we realize that many people have the same stories, or even better ones. later in life, people will ask you about certain things. How you met your spouse, is how it starts, and then they will eventually get all the details. It is a shame when the story is as dull as dishwater. It is so much better to have something interesting to say. You can’t control how you meet, but you can control how you made everything official.

An excellent engagement story will give you something to talk about for the rest of your potentially uneventful life. And not only that, but romantic gestures are also always appreciated. Your partner will be thrilled if you take it upon yourself to make your engagement story worthy of a lifetime of telling.

  • The Ring: Before you make your plans, there is something essential to take care of first. If you are the one making the gesture, then you are the one supplying the ring. It doesn’t matter who is who in the relationship. The ring comes with the question. There are many schools of thought about rings. The safest approach is to learn your partner’s tastes and then get a ring made at a highly respected fine jewellery manufacturer. Having a ring made makes it unique; another way to go is to buy something shockingly expensive. You will have to make the call.
  • Collaborate: Good engagement stories are a team effort. If you are going to do something scripted, the best way to make that happen is to have people working in the background so events happen in your favour. At the very least, you need someone to do the video.
  • Video: Even if there is no script. You should at least have some footage. Record the audio too, wear a mic. Chances are, it will be a hit at the reception and a treasure you can keep forever to revive some earlier passion.
  • Make the setting relevant: Your story will have more effect if your proposal reflects how well you understand your potential fiancé. Try to make it happen around some event or at some location that is significant to them. If they are into some outdoor activity, your job will be made easier. But you will find a way regardless.
  • Have Their Friends Available: The engagement is all about the two of you, but once the question is popped, and the answer is a joyful yes. It will take only minutes before they will want to share the news. Having a bestie on standby is an extra treat. The celebration can begin immediately. And if the evening doesn’t quite go as planned. The best friend being there will still be beneficial.

Remember, they might not say yes; for this reason, stadium and other highly public engagements can be humiliating. Make the occasion about them and consider how they react in certain situations. You might want to keep it low-key, but still, have a script and make it unique.

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