The beginnings of the famous author KIDHANMA

How to be the unicorn

It would help if you did not live your life by the rules made by society. This is the factor that Armin Mokhtarinejad has proved true. His parents moved to Germany from Iran to make a good living for him and his other two older brothers.  He was born in Germany with creativity and a talented nature in a noble family. His typical family followed the norms of society and sent the toddler to Kindergarten. But, the child wanted to be unique from an early age. He was bored due to the typical school routine because he loved telling stories, composing music, and martial arts.  

About The German author’s early life

He was not interested in studies from childhood, because of the dull routine and study methods. During his youth, he has got an interest in martial arts and some other creative things that can bring his talent out. But, because of his parents’ effort, he completed his graduation in computer science and started his career in the same field. But still, he was not happy in his life. After some time, he realized that he was just wasting his time, and he should focus on his interest and the love he had for creativity. 

A unique personality

So he has started to practice martial arts and also began to make videos on YouTube. But, it didn’t end here, he started to take photographs. He was always a creative person, therefore, his interests were only in making new and unique things.

Soon, he stepped into the world of writing because he was good at writing with a natural talent.  The local people and even the immigrants who came to Germany were living their life with the same typical aims. They were living with the objectives to get high-salaried jobs and to settle in their lives. 

So, KIDHANMA, started writing with this author’s name. He started to think that he should guide people about becoming the Unicorn in the world. The people who want to become like the lion will only be playing by society’s rules, but the Unicorn will make the unique path towards the goal. 

He wrote the book with the title “How to be a unicorn in modern-day society.” In that book, he focused on how to become the Unicorn and lead the life as one wants instead of thinking about society and the rules of the society. In that book, he has shown and guided people on removing the negative aspects of the society in which you are living and only focus on the passion you have. 

How to be a Unicorn – An Amazon best-seller 

Due to his unique idea and ideology to life, he got fame and the majority of the people loved him. It is the best-selling book on Amazon and this is the reason, there are many people following the author.  No doubt, he has motivated people to a new dimension. 

  You can access him on Due to his huge fan bank, he has made his account on Instagram with his pen name where he got more than 10000 followers in a small time frame. To extend his guidance about becoming the Unicorn of the society, he is now making the podcast on YouTube where he is guiding on the topic of “How to be a unicorn” In which he is going to invite the people who have become the Unicorn of the society and doesn’t live by the rules. The first episode of this show will come in December 2020. 

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