Why do I sweat so much?


Sweating is a natural process. Sweating is an essential process that is required for the survival of a human body. Sweating is necessary because it helps in thermoregulation. Sweating helps maintain the normal temperature of a person. A person sweats when his body temperature rises. There can be various factors for the rise in temperatures such as hormonal changes, stress, heat, or exercise. Sweating helps keep the temperature of the human body within certain limits.

Sweat is a combination of water, salts, and certain minerals. Sweat consists of some quantities of magnesium, calcium, and potassium. The concentration of salts and water in the sweat varies from person to person.

People sweat differently. Some people sweat more as compared to other people who sweat less. The average quantity of sweat being released from our body depends upon certain factors, and every person has different levels of sweat. Some people are always in denial and are always asking themselves why they sweat more than other people. However, they are always in search of ways how to stop excessive sweating. The volume of sweat depends upon several factors. Some of them are described below.

  • Body size of a person

Sweat concentrations and volumes vary from person to person. A bigger sized person generates more heat because of greater body mass. More heat is associated with more sweat production.

  • Age

Sweat also varies as the age of a person increases. People become less tolerant to heat as their age increases. Sweat gland changes with age, and their ability to tolerate heat reduces. Thus people sweat more as they become older.

  • More muscle mass leads to more sweating.

Sweating also depends upon the muscle mass of a person. People have the same weight, but different body types will sweat differently. People with more muscle mass will sweat more as compared to those people having more fat. 

  • Sweating depends upon health status.

Sweating also varies depending upon different health conditions. Moreover, sweating also fluctuates with hormonal changes in a person. Anxiety, depression, fever, and temperature can make people sweat more than usual.

  • Fitness level

Sweating also depends upon the fitness level of a person—people who are physically active and are fit sweat more than less-fit people. Sweating increases as the physical activity level of a person rises.

  • External factors

External factors are also key factors behind the sweating state of a person. A person will sweat more when the outside temperature is higher. Running in a park with 90-degree heat will make a person sweat more than usual. Moreover, people sweat more in a yoga class to maintain internal body temperature. However, sweating increases when a person is more likely to eat spicy foods and drink caffeinated beverages.

  • Underlying health conditions

Severe sweating can also be a significant symptom of several underlying health conditions such as diabetes, lymphatic tumors, infections, and hyperthyroidism. Certain medications, such as antidepressants, can cause a person to sweat more.

  • Hyperhidrosis

There is also a certain health condition that is associated with severe sweating. This condition is known as hyperhidrosis and is often seen in people. People are more likely to sweat in the palms, soles of their feet, and armpits.

  • Anxiety

A person’s mental, emotional, and physical health is also responsible for the volume he sweats. Any disturbance in the emotional, physical, emotional, and mental health of a person can make him sweat more than usual.

The bottom line

These are some of the most significant reasons for people who sweat so much. Sweating itself is not bad, but it creates a stinking smell, which makes people tired of sweating. Therefore people are seen to do several measures to make themselves sweat at a normal rate.

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