The Enticement Of Lifestyle Is Influencing Via Marketing Strategies- Is It?

The pressure of maintaining a lifestyle is so high that people have forgotten the essence of using organic products.  We can say that using organic products also comes under the form of performing a lifestyle. You must be wondering that why are we focusing on marketing strategies pointing towards our lifestyle.

It is because the lifestyle we are living is demanding us to invest the right amount so that we can portray ourselves to live as high standards. How marketing tricks have come under influencer people to follow the trend by taking an example of advertisements for expensive perfumes, the soaps we use, and the fashionable clothes we wear.

Everything that we use or purchase is because to come under the category hygiene people, which makes you more assertive in using the products.  It is one of the facts that need to be addressed because the advertisements are being projected to force people to buy. The expensive products show our direct interaction with the performance of what’s happening in the market.

Why is a lifestyle being judged by income?

Everyone is working hard to attain the level where they can use the money as per their way.  When it comes to making a direct impact on lifestyle, then the role of income makes a huge difference.   On that note, the aspect of lifestyle can be judges in two ways for example,

  • Low income- when a person is earning low income, you need to understand that maintaining a luxurious lifestyle is difficult. It is because, in this phase, you have to use the money with a narrow approach. Therefore, it is difficult to handle a fancy lifestyle, but living in low wages inspires you to reach the given level.


  • Decent income– If you are a person earning a decent income, it can be taken as you live on a way with no brand-consciousness. The lifestyle you carry is on quality products. The advertisement or marketing strategies never force you to buy the product adamantly.


  • High income– The earning on high monthly income focuses on leading a luxurious lifestyle. Whenever a new product gets launched, you become the first person to buy that. Taking an example of the launch of the I-phone 11 or any advertisement for a branded car.

These are the three cases you can encounter to manage the juggling of funds in the given situation.

How marketing influence lifestyle?

To understand the concept of marketing inclining to embrace your lifestyle if you think it is working on you:

  • Connects with your demand

Nowadays, with the usage of advanced technology, you can observe the pattern of how social media is influencing upon us. It is the platform where major companies have been trying to capture the mind of people. It is the concept of catching the psychology of people that helps in influencing your lifestyle.

  • The catchy taglines

If you have read the taglines on specific products or its features, you only get connected when you find a connection.  If you think that a product, which is selling in the market, is for matching your needs, you may not buy that.  Therefore, with the help of its taglines, the seller catches your attention, which further shapes your lifestyle.

  • If you are financially exhausted

Sometimes, when your business is not giving the expected results, and further it takes down, it may affect your lifestyle. For the search of an expected solution and to maintain, financial track you look for the advertisements like 100% guaranteed loans.

With the help of such solutions, help you to maintain a stress-free lifestyle. It is because of the features provides while using a way out.

With the help of three-pointers, we run our lifestyle for a healthy living.

In a nutshell

It is one of the critical topics to address because our lifestyle is being influenced in every way in today’s time.  In terms of what you are earning and how you are thinking? It is the reason marketing enticement also focuses on the change in an individual’s lifestyle.

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