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Project Management

Project management makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful project delivery.  How can a project be completed and achieved in the most effective and efficient way? There are essentially five stages that need to be completed to achieve a successful project and they are project design, recruitment and selection of project team, the planning of the project, allocating resources, and project delivery. As on a prince 2 Weekend London course training.

Project design – knowing what to do and how to do it is the biggest challenge.  A project is a multi-tasked job, with a long list of tasks that need to be completed on time, within budget, and to the required quality standard.  Each task appears on the project list with no stages just one project to be completed, how will you break down and identify the most important tasks of the project?

The key element in the design is to have a plan, where each task has a purpose, deliverables, milestones, and activities to achieve them.  Once absolute clarity has been achieved on all phases of the project, a plan can then be formulated to achieve the tasks within the required budget and time.

What is the selection of the project team? You have your plan, now analyze it and identify those who have the aptitude and skills to deliver each of the tasks.  These individuals will form your project team.  Whether you engage them formally or through a structured process, the selection will need to be both at the senior and project management levels.

The project team will have to provide you with good input to the overall project plan.  It is this input to the plan which will enable you to set team members and their experience expectations.  The input should be both technical and human.  The development of processes to maximize their development is essential to a good project and this process needs to be built at the top.  You should engage a mentor to help with the transition from switch-off to task-based development. This is crucial to the success of your project, as change and development methods have to be documented.  The area which will also need to be attended to at the top, are interpersonal skills.

You will need to keep your team up-to-date with progress on each task in order to make sure that the end deliverable is consistent with each phase.  Each member of your team must understand in what way they can assist this, how they will be measured at the end of each phase, how their responsibilities may fit into other team members, and, finally, how their input can be utilized to improve the process of the project.

You must always aim to complete each task on time and with a budget and/or time with the quality standard or specification as agreed.  You need to ensure that the project team is aware at all times of your required delivery time and when obligations must happen.  You should also be aware of the capabilities of your team, a good leader or project lead needs to be able to assess these abilities.

You will need to demonstrate at the start of the project that reporting back to senior management on progress is important.  This could be done via a client meeting, or via a query to the appropriate member of senior management.

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