Anthony Joshua: I Must Beat Andy Ruiz Jr!

Anthony Joshua: I Must Beat Andy Ruiz Jr!


Anthony Joshua will fight with the lightest weight throughout his career in the title race when he faces Andy Ruiz Jr. in a Heavyweight boxing duel. In weighing the body, Joshua will ride the ring with a weight of 107.5kg much lighter than the weight of Ruiz Jr. at 128kg.

Ruiz Jr has gained more than 7kg since defeating Joshua in their first fight (121kg) on ​​June 1, while Joshua drastically reduced from 112kg.


Anthony Joshua: I Must Beat Andy Ruiz Jr!


When asked if he was surprised by the substantial difference in weight, Joshua replied: “Not really, he’s a big kid. It’s a big difference. The art of this game is to hit and not be hit,” Joshua said after weighing an open body to the public.

With the lightest weight, Joshua seems to be relying on speed and agility when in the ring. When in the first fight, Joshua seemed to have difficulty in moving so his movements were slow in hitting while in the ring. “I will beat him. He’s a big kid, I’m a big kid, and we fight hard,” he promised. “Physical things are over. It’s mental now. Aligning my body and mind, ” he continued.

After learning that its weight is lighter than Ruiz Jr., the British boxer expressed his optimism to avenge the humiliating defeat on June 1 last. “I will win. In me, I am confident. But I have to prove it to the world,” he said. “I feel good. Weighing is important, but, as a Heavyweight, it doesn’t matter because skill will determine, “he continued.


Anthony Joshua: I Must Beat Andy Ruiz Jr!


Joshua claimed earlier this week that his mission to avenge the defeat at Ruiz Jr was” a marathon not a fast run”, and the results of the weighing were the strongest indications. But he had a strategy to drag the champion to the final round.

What is surprising is that Ruiz Jr’s weight must be questioned. It is heavier will benefit him. Whereas before, Ruiz Jr. had more slanted fanfare.

Ruiz Jr wants to “feel light so it’s easier to move” according to his chef and nutritionist. “I lost 4kg from what I weighed (before the first fight)” but instead gained 7kg, “he said.

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