How are pokies different than slots?


You will be finding it difficult to look for Australians who haven’t played pokiewins. So if you are new to the world of gambling and want to know the difference between slots and pokies, then keeping reading.

Virtual casino websites based outside Australia and New Zealand are not familiar with the term pokies. The websites based outside Australia and New Zealand don’t even offer pokies. But that doesn’t mean that people living outside Australia and New Zealand don’t play pokies, of course, they do, they just play it under a different name. Most poky lovers play slots on websites that are based outside Australia and New Zealand. If you happen to be someone who hasn’t played either of the popular gambling games, then you would like to know if there are any differences between the two.

Difference between slot machines and pokiewins

To answer the question, in brief, there is none. They are both English words and yet online pokies are nothing but online slot games.

A slot machine has several reels ranging between 3 and 7 reels. The number of reels in a slot game depends on the software provider. Online slots are designed keeping a theme and storyline in mind with creating different features according to the same theme. In a slot game, be it offline or online, the wild and the scatter symbol are very important.  Both the symbols are always assigned the highest benefits and value in a slot game.  Wild symbols substitute themselves with different symbols to form the winning combination faster while the scatter symbol unlocks free spins in a slot game session.

So, why the two different names?

People living in New Zealand and Australia are known to shorten many words. Pokies in and Australia New Zealand is one of the favourite gambling games of living there. while slot games are one of the most commonly used terms in Europe, Pokies are popular in New Zealand and Europe. Over the years, both these names have grown popular in the two gambling worlds. For those who might be wondering whether pokiewins are only used for Australian and New Zealand-based virtual casinos, then you are slightly unaware here. Pokies are called so in the brick-and-mortar casinos available in Australia and New Zealand.

They are similar to their English counterpart slots and you will be able to see the similarities when you will be playing the same with two different names on two different virtual casino websites. You will notice how the same gambling game has got different names depending on the region you are playing in. for those who might be wondering if Pokies provide the players with any different experience than slots, then you can rest assured. The experience will be just as same. The only difference is the different location you will be playing the games from. You can enjoy slots or pokiewins, depending on the location you are looking for to gamble, enjoy the game and win cash.

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