The Brief Guide That Makes It Simple to Choose the Best Golf Course

Best Golf Course

In 2020, 101 million Americans either played, watched, or found out more about golf, making it one of the most popular sports nationwide.

Are you one of these enthusiasts? So you wish you could improve your game? If only you could find the ideal course to meet your needs.

Follow these simple steps for choosing a golf course that could ensure you enjoy the round of your life.

The Location of the Golf Course

With thousands of excellent golf courses to choose from around the country, there must be a good local golf course close to where you live. When you want to enjoy a game of golf, you don’t want to travel for miles to get there every weekend.

It’s best to visit the course before you book a tee-off time too, and you don’t want to journey across the country just for a pre-game peek.

When Can You Play?

Another important consideration to consider is whether you want to play at a private golf course or public golf course. Private courses have stringent requirements when it comes to who can play on their property and when they can play.

A private course isn’t necessarily the best golf course in town. Some of the USA’s best courses are public ones. Pebble Beach, Whistling Straits, and TPC Sawgrass are all public courses.

The only drawback with public courses is that you might struggle to get the exact tee time you want. If you’re flexible regarding this, and you don’t mind crowds, a public course will suit you fine.

Golf Course Amenities

Check what types of supplementary activities the course offers. A clubhouse is a perk for a few drinks after your game. A locker’s essential for keeping your prized Callaway Golf clubs safe while you relax.

Other nice-to-haves include an onsite shop for stocking up on supplies and an in-house golf pro to offer guidance with your game. Some players enjoy extra facilities like a restaurant and snack bar for refreshments.

Difficulty Level

A golf course’s difficulty level depends on more than its overall par rating. Instead, consider how many shots you can expect to play at each hole.

Every good course contains a mix of par 3, 4, and 5 holes, but some of these might exceed 550 yards at a time.

If you want to enjoy a quick, fun round, opt for a course that has only par 3 holes. These shorter challenges are less testing and will help build up your confidence slowly.

Remember, no rule states you must play all the holes on a course. You can leave after 15 holes, or nine, or even fewer.

One Last Thing To Consider

Apart from all the above criteria for selecting a golf course, you should also consider service levels. When you visit the club, pay attention to how they greet you and deal with your queries.

It’s important to feel welcome at your course if you want to enjoy a relaxed game.

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