After Ip Man 4 Donnie Yen Will Move from Kung Fu Films

After Ip Man 4 Donnie Yen Will Move from Kung Fu Films


The name Donnie Yen is already synonymous with kung fu films. However, Donnie will try to strip away his identity as the star of a typical Chinese martial arts action movie once Ip Man 4: The Finale is shown in theaters. The film will be released on 20 December.

Donnie has announced that he will move on from the kung fu film after Ip Man 4. This statement certainly makes many of his fans disappointed. However, Donnie has his own reasons for his decision. This also does not mean he will stop completely from action films.

“That doesn’t mean I no longer make action films. Martial arts films require me to rely on cables, but action films can incorporate sci-fi elements. Kung Fu film actors must have a kung fu background, clear performance standards and display a rhythm that is unique to kung fu films. I feel tired when making this type of film, but I have ideas for other types of action films. Hopefully, the audience can see it perform, “said Donnie in the last introduction of the Ip Man 4 trailer which was attended by the director of the film, Wilson Yip, and choreographer Yuen Woo-ping, as quoted by Jaynestar.

During his journey as a martial arts movie star, Donnie had many memories. One of them is when he had to deal with Mike Tyson.

“He is a legend in the world of boxing and I am a fan of boxing. When I knew I was going to fight him, I fought with the thoughts of an actor and a fan, “Donnie said.

Besides Mike, Donnie was also pleased with his confrontation with Sammo Hung and Max Zhang. “I’m sure they left a deep impression on the audience,” Donnie said. The retirement of the 55-year-old actor from the world of kung fu is not only unfortunate for his fans. Director/choreographer Yuen Woo-ping, who coached Donnie’s first kung fu film, Drunken Tai Chi, also regretted Donnie’s decision.



“When Donnie first entered the industry, he was a little clueless, but he continued to study, and eventually reached a high level of standard. Some actions are designed for him, but no one will be able to replace him, “said Woo-ping.

Woo-ping hopes that Donnie can find a promising replacement for the survival of the film industry. Hearing Woo-ping’s statement, Donnie just smiled. He made sure to participate in the scenes of kung fu films in the future.

Ip Man 4: The Finale began filming in April 2018. The film centers on the life of Ip Man after his wife passed away. His life actually hasn’t changed much. Only, he and his son slowly separated. Hoping to get a better future for his son, Ip Man went to the United States. He later found out that his life there was stable and peaceful. Even so, he found racial discrimination that was far worse than he had expected. This forced Ip Man to re-examine his life as he pondered the reasons why he had been in the martial arts right from the start.

The film again shows Donnie Yen as Ip Man. In addition, Scott Adkins, Wu Yue, and Van Ness also performed here. Ip Man 4 is directed by Wilson Yip who has directed the previous 3 films of Ip Man. Wilson has proven its consistency in the films. This makes much hope that this latest Ip Man series will satisfy everyone. Ip Man 4: The Finale is scheduled to air in Indonesia on December 20 — per IMDb — in the future.

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