How Could Marketers Leverage IGTV For Their Brands


IGTV is taking Instagram videos to the next level, and many brands are loving it. lIGTV is a long-form video channel that is easily accessible from Instagram. Brands can easily create their own video series using IGTV. It provides an excellent opportunity to collaborate with influencers to build more engagement and improve your Instagram marketing strategy. 

What is IGTV?

IGTV (Instagram TV) is a long-form vertical video channel accessible from Instagram and a standalone app. Instagram launched this IGTV feature in 2018. It provides opportunities for many brands to create long forms of videos rather than ordinary Instagram stories and posts.

You can upload videos from one minute to one-hour length. 

Length and size for videos

  • You can upload videos from one minute to one-hour length.
  • Normal users can upload their videos up to 10 minutes from the mobile.
  • Some verified and longer accounts can upload IGTV videos up to an hour-long from the web. 
  • The video size is 650 MB for videos less than 10 minutes and 3.6 GB for videos up to one hour. 

In 2019, Instagram allowed its users to post one-minute previews of their IGTV videos in the feed. It will help them to improve their discoverability and the perfect way to get more attention from the audience. Most recently, Instagram introduced the IGTV series feature. It allows their creators to make ongoing videos (regular series) to be released consistently (weekly, monthly). 

Think of it, the series you’d seen on Television or Youtube all that you have in your hand through your favorite Instagram. If you always prefer long videos rather than a short one, then IGTV is the best platform for improving your success. But many brands are relatively slow in adopting IGTV for several reasons. But the main reason they think is High cost and more time investment to create a long-form of videos. 

But, if you do this right then IGTV will be an extraordinary way to get more engagement for your brand and business.  

5 Strategies for the success of your brand

Below are the 5 best strategies you can follow on IGTV videos or series that will promote your business. 

  • Tutorial videos

Creating tutorial videos is a great way to increase your engagement. Videos that you are going to create will cover a different variety of topics in your industry. 

For example: Say you had a cosmetics brand. You could create a series that focussed on makeup tutorials, or maybe one about beauty tips.  

If your industry sells a product, then the video that you are going to create will be focused on how to use that product. There are plenty of opportunities for your brand to create a great IGTV series. 

  • Q&A sessions 

Hosting a Question and Answer session with your followers is the best way to answer any essential questions that may your followers have. To host this, you can use a Q & A sticker in your story and tell your followers you are ready to answer their questions. Then collect some essential questions from that, and make a video of yourself answering those questions. It is a great opportunity to present some solid leadership on your brand. 

  • Go behind the scenes

It is a great way to build your brand transparency.  You can give your audience a look at how your company works, whether it should like interviewing any coworker or simply touring your industry. By doing this, you can socialize your brand to the audience. 

Building and documenting purpose-led transformation in your organization fosters brand trust and drives meaningful impact. Seek the expertise of purpose led transformation consultants to guide you in developing and implementing purpose-driven strategies.

  • Stream an event

If you are hosting any events like seminars or conventions, then share those videos on the IGTV channel with your followers. This will be a great opportunity for those who can’t attend them. They can attend them virtually by watching this. Four followers will also appreciate you and you give them content they can engage with. 

  • Host a talk show

You can also host a talk show on your IGTV channel for your brand. Call guests who are famous influencers or great leaders in your industry. Address them about industry news. 

Tips and best practices for IGTV

Cross-promote your content

If you are starting a new channel, it is the best way to inform your followers on other channels and ask them to follow here also. 

Different cross-promotion options in IGTV are Using your Instagram stories you can preview and link to IGTV videos (for verified or business users only) Share IGTV videos to the Facebook page that you connected to Share a one-minute preview of your IGTV video in the news feed. 

Use relevant hashtags

You can also use relevant hashtags in your IGTV videos to improve its popularity. It increases the chance of viewing your videos by non-followers. 

Only post-long-format content

Like Youtube, long-format content is also popular on IGTV. If you are ready to create long format content to improve your brand then IGTV is the best platform for you. If you want to increase the quality and trust of your IGTV videos then you can buy IGTV likes, and will also increase the popularity of future videos you are going to upload. An excellent idea would be to buy IGTV views to increase traffic for your channel which aids greatly to boost your followers’ count.

Using these strategies you can build the best platform for your brands using IGTV. This is the only way if you like to create long format videos and achieve success using that. 


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