10 Things You Should Know About Your Button-Down Shirts

Button-Down Shirts

People who don’t wear button-down shirts are not aware of the classic styles that stay forever in the fashion world. Button-down shirts are one of the clothing items that have remained in the trend from the beginning. Whether you wear a button-down or not, it is a standard clothing item in the market. Women are more creative with their shirts, and they put layers over shirts to look fantastic and get warmth during winter.

With a button-down shirt, you can dress up or dress down as per your liking. If you search for women’s shirts online, you will find many styles and designs. They have more varieties to choose from.

Here are the ten things you should know about button-down shirts:

  1. No Dryer

If you have a white shirt, don’t put it in the dryer, not even by mistake. It causes the shirt to turn yellowish. The shirts can be hung in sunlight or areas where they will get enough wind and heat to dry. The fabrics dry fast on their own.

  1. Use Non-Iron Shirts

If you want a crisp and cotton look for your shirt, always buy non-iron shirts. Also, the women’s shirts have many prints and designs which may fade away if ironed.

  1. Jackets and Collars

Collars must stay on the inside of the jacket and not be displayed open on the outer area of the jacket. It goes the same for the suits as well.

  1. Leotard-Like Shirts

Nope, I am not joking. There are leotard-like button-down shirts for women to keep the shirt tucked in all the time. If you are tired of tucking in your shirt now and then, maybe, you can try this one out. Or, you may buy a slightly longer shirt next time.

  1. Use Cufflinks

If you have French cuff shirts, do not use those tiny knots on the cuffs. Instead, use a good pair of cufflinks. There are many pretty looking cufflinks for women out there. You will see many varieties of cufflinks for women’s shirts online. Buy the one you like and one that matches your shirt.

  1. Tucking of Shirt

The problem with some shirts is that it keeps untucking itself when we move. The only solution is to buy a shirt that reaches mid-hip. It should be noted that the shirt shouldn’t be longer than the suit jacket.

  1. Skin Tone Underwear

When you are wearing a light coloured button-down shirt, especially white ones, the inner wears like bra, camisole etc., are visible to some extent. To avoid this, you can choose skin colour cami or a bra of a similar colour to your shirt.

  1. Gaping Issue

If there is a gaping issue, it means your shirt is two or more sizes bigger. In this case, you need to wear a camisole under it to fit well.

  1. Camisole Focused

This one’s a bit of a non-traditional way of dressing. Wear the camisole or a tank top under the shirt, tuck in the shirt and button up halfway, so folks can see the camisole underneath.

  1. Non-Traditional Style

Wear a short-sleeved shirt beneath a vest or a t-shirt. It is a style followed by men as well. It is also suitable for layering up in the winter season.

These are some of the essential things you must know about the button-down t-shirt. Knowing this can help you style the shirts in as many different ways as possible.

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