Fashion 101: An Easy Guide to Hats

Fashion 101 An Easy Guide to Hats

Hats are so many things. They’re a way to keep warm. They’re fashion and fashionable. They’re playful and fun. A hat is a great way to add an exclamation point to any outfit. These are items all people should feel free to add to their wardrobe. If you are thinking about starting a collection or adding to an existing one, you’ll want to know what you’re doing. One of the great things about hats is you can pick and choose from all kinds of hats. Knowing what you want and what is available before you go looking is extremely useful.

Winter Hats

When it starts to get cold outside, this is when people begin to think about covering their heads. A good hat for winter is one that can help keep you warm. It’s also one that can be pulled off and on with ease even when you’re wearing heavy gloves. If you feel the sting of cold winds nipping at your nose, it’s probably time to head out and find one of these fine options.

The Balaklava is a thick hat. It’s designed to go over all parts of the face including the head and neck. This is an ideal choice when you’re about to face a blizzard and don’t want to freeze. If you are going to be outside for an extended period of time, bring this one along with you. The tam o’shanter is easily visible by the pom pom at one end. It’s a wool or cotton hat that is designed to fit lightly over the top of the head. These are hats that are worn when the weather gets a little bit cold.

Many are lightweight. That makes them ideal for a crisp fall afternoon or early summer walk in the park. The trapper hat is a useful classic. This one has a base that fits over the top of the head. Next to it are typically two flaps. The flaps are designed to keep the hat in place. Trapper hats are good for when you’re doing to do a lot of activities outdoors. You’ll find them in varied types of materials including faux fur and thick wool.

Summer Hats

Summer is also a great time to have a hat on hand. A light hat allows you to avoid the sun and protect your face. It also helps keep you cool. You can find lots of amazing options in summer hats on the market today.

The boater is standard straw hat. It has a ribbon across the top and a brim that extends away from the face. They’re best for casual spring and summer occasions such as sailing. Sun hats can be found in many sizes, styles and colors. A summer hat typically has a fabric brim that extends all around the side.

People like them because they are versatile and easy to wear. The baseball cap is an American classic. This has a large brim at one end and a closely fit cap that can be adjusted. This the perfect hat for a summer picnic. Panama hats are another kind of standard hat. Equally at home for men and women, the hat is made of lightweight woven material in a plain color.

Other Types of Hats

There are lots other types of fabulous hats you should know about and consider adding to your stash. A cowboy hat is a good idea when you want to head off to Texas and show this is one place you love. If you’re planning to go to a fancy ball or the ballet, consider the cocktail hat. These hats are all about experimenting with fine fabric.

You’ll many possibilities including those with rhinestones, feathers, sequins and ribbons. This is a hat designed to show off your best features. Look for hats in fabrics like velvet and velour. The same is true of derby hats. This one is light in weight but it is also designed for outdoor use. They often have a high top followed by a curled brim or back. If you admire French culture, go for the beret. It’s fashionable and easy to wear. Men and women can fit them to their hair and find protection against any weather condition. If you are looking for a hairless style, you can look at some chemo caps.

Your Choices

A good hat is one that fits properly. Try it on before you buy it. Look for a hat that isn’t too tight or too lose. The hat should also be easy to carry and store away when not in use. A good hat is also one that fits in neatly with the rest of your wardrobe accessories. Knowing exactly what you want in a new hat will help you get it.


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