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Project Management

Project Management is exactly what it sounds like.  A project is a grouping of related activities.  It has this one goal in mind which is to be completed and delivered within the specific time frame, budget, and to the right quality with a certain level of quality. This can all be learned on a PRINCE2 Course Glasgow.

It can’t get any simpler than that, right?  You wouldn’t expect everything to be a 100% perfect record.  In fact, most originally thought that the process was 100% worthless since it clearly isn’t making any money.  We feel it is either futile or like ending up with less than your control of a system that doesn’t seem to be working correctly with you of your own actually into it.

To get the class for project management right, there needs to be some background into the controlled work environment.  I simply can’t explain it here in an honest, truthful way, since that class has already been going on for years and then is about to graduate me.  As I get more involved with projects, the class becomes more practical and precise.  Here are some basics that make up the control and definition, and a few key phrases so you can arm yourself with knowledge.

Control is a two-way street.  As a control manager, you must have some idea in regards to the actual process or what I refer to as the “real environment.”  You can’t control work without an idea of the expected outcomes.  You can have control of the situation through the use of standard procedures for project management.  Control is defined as an arrangement of resources and knowledge.

The control element dictates when and how one may use the controls in order to comprehend how the operation is performing.  If you are doing an assignment or keeping notes on the project, you are using controls most effectively.  If you are in a meeting with team members, you are using controls to use in order to record your input. Controls may be defined as goals that decide or order required actions to attain desired outcomes. Standard performance standards or methods, specific to the position put in place by the organization, are often used in controlling the situation.

The WOM (Workplace Process Improvement) is a very broad topic that isn’t as simple as it was first thought.  You can’t just decide, “That will work for us today,” and be successful.  Often time changes, as did they do after the project, issues are not always linear in nature.  Therefore, managing the workforce and adjusting to change is a key part of project management.

Project managers need to know what is considered to be an acceptable quality standard for management.  If you do an assignment without an acceptable standard, you could end up with a complete loss of control if issues crop up.  It has been proven by project managers that managers have to be aware that they can choose to make minor compromises and not jeopardize a project by over-standardizing plans and getting too far ahead of the project.

governance helps to guide everyone to a desired final result in the promise of better productivity, performance, or process.  It is a service, and also indicates pronounced awards or consequences going well over time.  It is the ” glue” of the organization.  Important names are mentioned in authorities, such as the likes of the mother company, Pharmaceutical companies, Banks, and many more.  S diverted from the project has a direct impact on the survival rate.

Company Traffic and velocity are all captained to a specific goal.  It is very controlled.  It is Step 1 or the “cranes” of a certain company.  We can’t always be good at control because we can’t always be on site.  Control is subject to normal changes in the business to a more managed kind of environment over time, thus adding control is needed.

Six Sigma is a simple method adopted from the martial art perspective of “defensive,” or “correct.”  Defenses and defensive techniques, both offensive and defensive, are used to be in control of an environment.  One must be defensive against forces being used against you, both with and without force.  You have to consider the environment your submitting to, the individuals you are working with, and determine is it a positive or negative environment.

Defenses are processes of anticipation.  It is a plan for whatever may happen in a given time frame, or when using a known or presently determined plan of action.  It is a close watch of the activity to determine any minute or significant factors that could cause a problem.  We can utilize this reviewing process to catch problems before it becomes a major threat.

Units Adapted from the old stages of the caveman to the living and breathing creaturelies of today’s society.  Defenses are your answer for surviving the most dire of situations.  They are your ability to deal with advancing, advancing, or unexpected circumstances.

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